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Cabinet Hardware

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About Cabinet Hardware

New cabinet hardware is arguably the easiest and most cost effective way to update your kitchen, bathroom, or old dresser. It is a project that can be done in less than a few hours by even the most novice do-it-yourselfer. Finding the right knob or pull for your application can often be the most difficult part of the procedure. With a multitude of shapes, sizes, and finishes, the possibilities are endless. Here at, we have all of our cabinet hardware categorized to allow you to filter by size, shape, theme, and much more.

Amerock Cabinet Knob

Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Cabinet pulls and knobs were originally designed as strictly functional objects. Gradually design was improved and decorative hardware was introduced. Today, the functionality of knobs and pulls is often overlooked. The fact is that installing them will extend the life of your cabinets. These pieces of cabinet hardware keep the moisture, dirt, and oils from your hands off the cabinets. Moisture will eventually break down wood cabinets, while dirt and oil ruin the appearance. Having hardware on your cabinets will help protect them from the wear and tear they will surely receive. Along with protecting your cabinetry, they also make it easier to open your cabinet or drawer by giving you something to grab.

Along with the functional aspect, cabinet handles are aesthetic additions that can change the feel of any room. Selecting the correct style of handle for your drawer or cabinet is the first step in narrowing the choices. Cabinet pulls are typically considered to be more decorative than cabinet knobs, but can also be more of a challenge to install. While knobs are traditionally simpler, more extravagant knobs are available.

When deciding between the two styles, you will want to take note of your current hardware. Pulls require two holes for installation, while knobs typically just require one. If your existing cabinet hardware consists of pulls, you'll want to ensure that the center-to-center measurement of the new pull matches your current set up to avoid drilling new holes. The center-to-center measurement for each of our knobs can be found on its product page under "Technical Specs." The most common sizes are 96mm or 3.75 inches and 128mm or 5 inches. Pulls like the Berenson 4133 have two center-to-center measurements. Retrofit knobs like these are equipped with two sets of holes to ensure fit of new and old standards alike. If you do need to drill new holes, the old holes can be filled with wood filler and hidden with fresh paint or stain.

Once a winner has emerged in the battle between knobs versus pulls, a style and finish will need to be selected. If you desire a modern appeal, stick to a design with simple, flowing lines. The focus in today's contemporary design is minimalism. Intricate and detailed designs are better for traditional and Victorian style homes. Most knobs and pulls come in a wide variety of finishes. The most popular in today's contemporary market is brushed nickel, while iron finishes are typically associated with country decor. Although there are many different theories regarding the proper selection of finish, the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Another product in the category of cabinet hardware is the appliance pull. These types of pulls feature long center-to-center measurements, making them ideal for a variety of applications. They are most commonly used on refrigerators and dishwashers with custom facing. Many appliance pulls have a matching collection of cabinet knobs and pulls. Having an appliance pull that matches cabinet knobs and pulls will complete the look of the kitchen.

These versatile pulls are not restricted to appliances. Longer pulls like these are being used on regular cabinets by decorators to create a dramatic effect. They are suitable as door pulls on sliding glass doors in back to back installation. They can also be used on some closet doors due to the long and sturdy construction.

Shop our entire inventory of knobs and pulls today, and begin the process of renewing the appearance of your kitchen.

Functional Cabinet Hardware

Amerock Cabinet Hinge

What good is a cabinet or drawer if it isn't functional? At, we have a large selection of cabinet and drawer organization products. In this category of cabinet hardware, you will find everything from kitchen drawer organizers to pull-out trash and recycling bins. All of these products will help save you time and provide peace of mind knowing where things are located. Selecting the proper piece of organizational hardware will enable you to most effectively utilize your storage or kitchen cabinet space.

Easy to miss, new cabinet hinges can greatly increase the usability of a cabinet. A strong and smooth operating hinge for your cabinet increases the quality of your cabinets, making them easier to use. Choosing the correct hinges can be a bit trickier than selecting handles or pulls. There are many different types and sizes available. Some hinges can be opened to as much as 120 degrees, allowing greater visibility and access to your cabinets. Another reason to replace old hinges is to take advantage of the soft-close feature. It is a feature commonly found on new hinges and is a favorite among many customers, as it eliminates banging cabinet doors. Regardless of the features your cabinet hinge comes with, it is ideal that the finish matches that of the pulls or knobs.

Berenson Cabinet Latch

Quality drawer slides are just as functionally pleasing as the cabinet hinge. Slides for drawers differ in quality by the material they are made of as well as the quality of parts used. Blum is often recognized as the leader in drawer slide quality. Blum drawer slides feature steel construction with a variety of lengths available. Full extension slides allow access to the entire drawer. Most of our drawer slides have a maximum weight capacity listed. Slides like the Blum 562H5330B, can handle an impressive moving weight of up to 75 pounds.

Also available here at are cabinet latches and catches to keep your cabinet doors or drawers closed when not in use. These come in several different styles. Magnetic latches use nothing other than magnet to metal to create its latching power. Double roller catch styles use an arrow-shaped piece of metal that is split and then held by two rolling cylinders. Roller catches roll over a raised piece to keep the door or drawer closed. Each option provides the same result, so the selection relies on personal preference.

One of the easiest things to overlook, upgrading your cabinet hardware is an affordable and simple project that can update any kitchen, bathroom, dresser, or more. Shop for an opportunity to customize your home and express your good taste with our large selection of cabinet hardware.

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