Sales Tax

Build with Ferguson is required to collect sales tax for items shipped to destinations in the United States. As of July 1, 2019, Build with Ferguson collects sales tax in all U.S. states unless a valid Sales & Use Tax Resale Certificate is presented prior to purchase.

Tax-Exempt Customers


Customers claiming Sales Tax Exempt status must provide proof of tax exemption from the state that purchases are being shipped to. 

On your Account Details Page, click the 'Go to TTR' button & follow the prompts to get the correct certificates for the states you're exempt in. Everything can be filled out online and approved quickly. Once approved you'll check out tax free.


If you have further questions contact a Build with Ferguson representative at 800-375-3403, or email



If Sales Tax has been charged on a recent order and you need to take advantage of your tax exempt status, Customer Service can assist you and facilitate a refund. Please contact a Sales Representative at 800-375-3403 or email with a copy of the tax exemption form for the state that you shipped to.

United States Government Purchasers


Sales tax does not apply to purchases made by the United States Government. In order to document that a sale has been made to the U.S. Government, we need to obtain a copy of one of the following:

  • Federal tax ID certificate
  • Certificate of exempt status
  • Government Voucher
  • Check from the U.S. Government payable to Build with Ferguson